Now Access and Share Office Files with EISOO AnyShare


Are you puzzled by sending large attachments in Outlook?  

Did you ever send the same file back and forth? 

Cannot get the content due to sudden failure of the office application?

Now check the AnyShare for Office Plugin to learn about how to AnyShare Office Plugin empowers users to seamless share files and not worry about attachments any more.

AnyShare for Office Plugin is a universal plugin for both Microsoft Office and Kingsoft Office, enabling the real-time backup and synchronization of office files and Outlook attachments. 

You can install the AnyShare for Office Plugin by several clicks and this plugin will be shown in the Office Toolbar. Then you can sync and back up office files to AnyShare, send links instead of large attachments in Outlook, collaborate on the same files with your teams.

1. One-click Save Office Files to Cloud
Your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be one-click saved to AnyShare, these files will be automatically synchronized to cloud when you save them. One click, both saved and synchronized.
2. Always Get the Right File Version
If you have changed and saved the same file in many times, it will generate file version according to your modify time. You can always get the right version in AnyShare.
3. Replace Attachments with A Link
Never worry about large file attachments, Send a file link instead of attachment files. You guys do not need to send attachments back and forth, collaborate on the same file in AnyShare now.
4. Support Microsoft and WPS Office
Both Microsoft Office and WPS Office application are supported.

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